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Laga may refer to:



  • L.A.G.A (Liverpool Amateur Gymnastics Association), an alumni organisation of University of Liverpool, established in 2006, to bring together select individuals on an annual basis for beer based nonsense.
  • Laga, a pseudo-Norse god
  • D.S.R.V. Laga, a student society for rowing at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands
  • Laga, Belgian law firm
  • L.A.G.A, Liceul de Arta "George Apostu"-Bacau (Bacau High School of Arts)
  • laga, a species from the fictional series Animorphs


  • Mike Laga (born 1960), former MLB first baseman and designated hitter (1982–1990)
  • Mart Laga (1936–1977), Estonian Soviet basketball player