Lagaffe mérite des baffes

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Gaston Lagaffe #13
Lagaffe mérite des baffes
Gaston 13.JPG
Cover of the Belgian edition
Date 1979
Series Gaston Lagaffe
Publisher Dupuis
Creative team
Writers Franquin
Artists Franquin
Original publication
Published in Spirou
Date of publication 1975 - 1979
Language French
ISBN 2-8001-0658-1
Preceded by Le gang des gaffeurs, 1974
Followed by La saga des gaffes, 1982

Lagaffe mérite des baffes, written and drawn by Franquin, is the thirteenth album of the original Gaston Lagaffe series. It is made up of 46 strips previously published in Spirou.


In this album, a struggle between Longtarin and Lagaffe begins. This theme will also be the occasion of most of the gags in the next album.


  • parking meter: fake meter, so well imitated that drivers fill it
  • mini lawn ower: miniature lawn mower to avoid cutting daisies
  • heating for motorbikes: suit linked to the radiator of the motorbike, and in which heated water flows, so that the motorcyclist is never cold; the only problem is that it lacks a regulator
  • electricity generator: thanks to a dynamo, a treadle lights a small lamp and allows the staff to deal with very urgent work in case of power failure
  • inflatable bag: bag to protect car occupants in case of accident, it goes off even in case of slight contact


The first page of the album deals with the R5 album case. Prunelle announces that any #5 album will never be published.


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