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Lagariça is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 14°55′08″N 24°27′07″W / 14.919°N 24.452°W / 14.919; -24.452Coordinates: 14°55′08″N 24°27′07″W / 14.919°N 24.452°W / 14.919; -24.452
Country Cape Verde
Island Fogo
Municipality São Filipe
Civil parish Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 407

Lagariça is a settlement in the western part of the island of Fogo, Cape Verde. It is situated 6 km northeast of the island capital São Filipe. The parish boundary with São Lourenço is to the north.

One of the localities is named Coxo and is the seat of the settlement.

The Figueira de Coxe (or Coxo) formation is a rock formation made up of underwater lava flows along with breccia rocks. In the Ribeira Brava valley features pyroclastic rocks. A portion is made up of conglomerate and breccia deposits. About are marines sediments.[2]

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