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Hornbostel–Sachs classification 111.2
(percussion idiophones)
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The Laggutu is a folk percussion instrument performed in southern regions of Azerbaijan: Astara, Lankaran, Masalli and Jalilabad.

"Just like the naghara, gosha naghara, gaval and other percussion instruments, the laggutu is widely used in modern ensembles and orchestras of national instruments." A rectangular wooden chamber, "the laggutu is placed on a platform," which may also serve as a resonator, "and the performer plays it with two wooden sticks. Usually, the laggutu is 250x125x50 mm in size and made of walnut, apricot, mulberry or beech wood."[1] The thickness of the sides or walls varies, which produces differences in timbre and/or pitch, with the bottom generally being thicker than the top.


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