Lagoa do Peixe National Park

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Lagoa do Peixe National Park

Lagoa do Peixe is a National Park created in 1986 in order to protect a wintering zone for migratory birds along the Lagoa dos Patos (the estuary of the Guaiba river or Guaíba Lake about 200 km at the South of Porto Alegre).

The park is open to tourism (only a few thousands visitors per year, due to the relatively difficult access through the BR-101 road) and managed with a very light protection policy (human pollution from the Guaíba Lake, lack of enclosing and gates, etc.)

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Coordinates: 31°14′58″S 50°57′21″W / 31.24944°S 50.95583°W / -31.24944; -50.95583