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Location of Lagoinha within São Paulo state
Location of Lagoinha within São Paulo state
Lagoinha is located in Brazil
Location of Lagoinha within São Paulo state
Coordinates: 23°05′26″S 45°11′25″W / 23.09056°S 45.19028°W / -23.09056; -45.19028Coordinates: 23°05′26″S 45°11′25″W / 23.09056°S 45.19028°W / -23.09056; -45.19028
Country  Brazil
Region Southeast Brazil
State São Paulo
Metropolitan Region Vale do Paraíba e Litoral Norte
 • Total 255.47 km2 (98.64 sq mi)
Elevation 913 m (2,995 ft)
Population (2015)
 • Total 4,954
 • Density 19/km2 (50/sq mi)
 • Literacy rate 85.64%
Postal code 12510-xxx
Area code +55-16

Lagoinha is a municipality in the eastern part of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. It is part of the Metropolitan Region of Vale do Paraíba e Litoral Norte.[1] The population is 4,954 (2015 est.) in an area of 255.47 km².[2] The elevation is 913 m.

Economic activity centres upon agriculture, mainly dairy cattle and reforestry. Tourism has been growing in the region due to the abundance of water sources, falls, and natural hills, valley and forest environments.

Population history[edit]

Year Population
2001 4,957
2004 5,122
2015 4,954


According to the 2000 IBGE Census, the population was 4,957, of which 2,877 or 58.04% are urban and 2,080 or (41.96%) are rural. The life expectancy for the city was 71.69 years. The fertility rate was at 2.31. The municipality has 2,585 males and 2,372 females. For every 100 males, there are 91.7 females. The literacy rate was 85.64%


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