Lagoni di Mercurago Natural Park

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Lagone di Mercurago

The Lagoni di Mercurago Nature Park, established in 1980, is a natural reserve in Piedmont, located in Mercurago, a hamlet near Arona, consisting of many lakes with swamp vegetation.


Near Arona, on the morainic hills around Lake Maggiore, there is the Lagoni di Mercurago Nature Park which include mires, pasture for horses and forests.


Prehistorical remains of the Terramare culture dating back to the Bronze Age and some Roman domus were found in the area: in 1860 here was found the first stilt house in Italy, a wooden pirogue and three weels.


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Coordinates: 45°44′06″N 8°33′07″E / 45.7350°N 8.5520°E / 45.7350; 8.5520