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OriginTucson, Arizona,
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
GenresIndie, rock, alternative
Years active2003—2011
Associated actsThe Year of Acceleration, My Former Wings
MembersDavid Ziegler-Voll
Patrick McMahon
Jacob Chattman
Marisa Chattman
Past membersWoodie Polk

Lagoon is an indie rock band that was founded in Tucson, Arizona in 2003.[1] The band is composed of David Ziegler-Voll as the band's lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter, guitarist Patrick McMahon, bassist Jacob Chattman, and drummer Marisa Chattman.


In 1996, guitarist and singer-songwriter David Ziegler-Voll was playing in the short-lived Albuquerque, New Mexico band called Outro 60 Seconds, with bassist and high-school friend Michael Hester. A year later, the two moved to Tucson, Arizona, and founded another short-lived band known as The Darlingtons with drummer Mathieu Lopez. After the demise of the Darlingtons, Ziegler-Voll and Lopez founded a band called SassyStarX with bassist Woodie Polk, who was just 18 years old at the time. Formed in 2000, SassyStarX featured some of the same sonic elements which would come comprise the signature Lagoon sound, but with a bit edgier, more punk twist. In 2001, however, Lopex had a falling out with the rest of the band. He decided to quit, going on to play guitar in what would eventually become The Year of Acceleration. He was replaced by Erik Thybony.

By the spring of 2003, the band had decided to add a second guitar player. They recruited Patrick McMahon, who had lived next door to David for over a year yet had never met David until the day Ziegler-Voll was moving out. With the addition of McMahon, the band planned to change their name to Subspark, however in June, Thybony decided to leave the band. After a brief hiatus, David, Patrick, and Woodie decided to regroup and form a new band, and decided that Marisa Chattman would take up the role of the band's drummer. Ziegler-Voll decided that it was time to scrap all of the band's previous materials and start anew. They settled on the name Lagoon and began practicing in David's design studio/art gallery across the street from Hotel Congress.

During the next two years, Lagoon would play extensively around the Tucson area, gaining respect in the city's burgeoning local indie rock scene, and the admiration of the local press.[2] During this time they would perform live on KXCI radio several times and have a song appear on the Locals Only CD Compilation, Volume III, which was released in 2004.

Lagoon released their debut full-length album, Graduation, in 2005. The album was recorded at Loveland Studios by Nathan Sabatino, and mastered at Sonorous Sound in Phoenix by Dave Shirk. Instead of seeking the assistance of a record label, the band self-released the album, selling CD's at shows and utilizing then-new online distribution methods such as iTunes and CD Baby. In support of Graduation, Lagoon toured around the Southwest, including stops in New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, California, and Arizona.

In 2007, the band released its second album, entitled Dose. This time, Lagoon chose to record the album themselves after weighing the pros and cons. However, they did have some direction from Stuart Kupers of the band Machines of Loving Grace. The album's title was a play on the Spanish word dos, meaning two, and the narcotic references hinted at in the album's resealable foil packaging and the songs themselves. Singer David Ziegler-Voll described the album's thematic direction as, "It's all of the things we have to do to medicate (or self-medicate) to get through the day and deal with the problems we face." [3]

In the Fall of 2007, the band decided to relocate to Providence, Rhode Island to enable them to play in more urban areas within a much shorter driving distance and expand the band's horizons beyond the Southwest. After performing in the local Providence scene for about a year, the band decided it would be better served moving to the Boston area, and thus in the summer of 2008 the band decided to do so. Additionally during this time period, long-time bassist Woodie Polk decided leave the band, in order to return to school at the University of Arizona back in Tucson. The band soon after acquired the skills of new bassist Jacob Chattman, brother of drummer Marisa Chattman, and formerly of fellow Tucson act My Former Wings.

Currently, the band is working on their upcoming third album scheduled for release in 2010. The band has again elected to conduct most of the recording process on their own. Lagoon encourages its fans to follow them via many of the major social networking sites, and also allows fans to subscribe to a period blog which ranges in scope from news and updates about the band, to humorous anecdotes and abstract observations courtesy of band "mouth" Jacob. Additionally, the band has established a nontraditional distribution method for their releases, and are in the process of starting their own label known as Tornado '72 Records. Lagoon allows fans to download the music in digital format for free from their website. The band generates revenue through nontraditional channels such as allowing fans to become "patrons" of the group through donations.

Having a background in visual communications, David has developed an integral component of the band's image by creating posters, illustrations and the band's website. The band also utilizes the talents of other designers such as Jessica Frease the creator of the Lagoon mascot "Seafoam".

After a more than two-year absence, Lagoon returned to perform in Tucson for the first time on October 24, 2009.[4]


Described by one reviewer as "sentimental pop," Lagoon's sound ranges from sad and atmosphere to sparkling and melodic.[5] Their style has been compared to numerous noteworthy influences, including early R.E.M, but also draws from the realm of modern indie rock. Lagoon makes extensive use of effects pedals to create guitar textures, including the EBow in several songs, and uses tube amps almost exclusively. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Lagoon does not perform with a laptop or utilize backing tracks on stage.


Full Length Albums

Graduation 2005, Self Released
Dose 2007, Self Released
(As yet untitled 3rd Lagoon Album), TBR 4th Quarter 2009, Tornado 72 Records

Music Videos
Lagoon on Tour, 2005
The Official Preppy Handbook, 2007
White Heart, 2009


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