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Lagrange-CRT Foundation Prize
Awarded for Outstanding contributions relevant to the progress of complexity science
Country Italy
Presented by CRT Foundation and ISI Foundation
First awarded 2008
Website [1]

The Lagrange-CRT Foundation Prize is an annual International award created by the CRT Foundation[1] with the scientific coordination of the ISI Foundation.[2] The prize is awarded for scientific research in the field of complexity sciences, its applications and dissemination. The Lagrange Prize is awarded in Turin, Italy.

Aim and Criteria[edit]

The Lagrange-CRT Foundation Prize is awarded to a selected scientist (below 50 years of age) for achievements in research on complex systems, including theoretical and experimental research. In particular, the prize recognizes outstanding contributions relevant to the progress of complexity science.

The Prize[edit]

The winner of the Lagrange-CRT Foundation Prize is chosen by the Scientific Commission in collaboration with the ISI Foundation. The prize is in the amount of €50,000. The award ceremony takes place in Turin.

List of Winners[edit]

Special Prize for Diffusion and Promotion of the Culture of Complexity[edit]


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