Laguna, Santa Catarina

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State: Santa Catarina
Micro-Region: Tubarão
Founded: 1676
Area: 1,513.8 km²
Population: 48,956 (2004)
Population density: 12.7/km²
Elevation: 2 m
Postal code: 89700-xxx
Area/distance code: 48

Laguna is a Brazilian municipality located in the southern state of Santa Catarina, 120 kilometers south of the state's capital, Florianópolis, and north east of Porto Alegre. Its coordinates are 28.48/28°28'57" S and the longitude is 48.779/48°46'51" W. In 2004, the population was 48,956 and the area was 445.24 km². Elevation is 2 m. Laguna is linked with the BR-101 coastal highway as well as a superhighway.

The city was founded in 1676 by rural people of the capitania of São Vicente. In 1714, the locality was recognized as a municipality, and in 1847 it received the status of city. It was the capital of the short-lived Juliana Republic in 1839.

Laguna is a part of the association of the municipalities of the Laguna region. The city's flag is tricolored with yellow, white and green, and has a coat of arms in the middle.

An interesting collaboration has developed in Laguna: a pod of bottlenose dolphins drive fish towards fishermen who stand at the beach in shallow waters. Then one dolphin rolls over, which the fishermen take as sign to throw out their nets. The dolphins feed on the escaping fish. The dolphins were not trained for this behavior; the collaboration has been going on at least since 1847.[1][2]


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Famous People[edit]

Anita Garibaldi

Richard Calil Bulos - Chacha

Jeronimo Coelho

Colombo Machado Salles

Waldomiro Souza

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