Laguna Creek High School

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Laguna Creek High School
Laguna Creek High School, Elk Grove, California.JPG
9050 Vicino Drive
Elk Grove, California, Sacramento County 95758
United States
School type Public
Established 1994
School district Elk Grove Unified School District
Principal Douglas L. Craig
Campus type Closed Campus
Fight song "On Wisconsin"
Mascot Cardinals
Rival Franklin High School

Laguna Creek High School is a public high school located in Elk Grove, California, a suburban community near Sacramento, California established in 1994.[1] It is home to various organizations and programs, including the rigorous International Baccalaureate Programme (IB), Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA), the Manufacturing Production Technology Academy (MPTA), and the Sports Careers Academy (SCA).

Green Energy Technology Academy[edit]

Students of the Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA) study the technology of renewable energy. These GETA students explore the concepts of energy extraction, conversion and transmission processes through complex, hands-on, project-based work. Depending on a their post secondary plans, students who graduate from the Green Energy Technology Academy will be prepared to enter two or four institutions of study, enter a technical training program or go directly to work in the Energy Sector.

Manufacturing Production Technology Academy[edit]

The Manufacturing Production Technology Academy (MPTA) program prepares students for a career in crafts work and engineering. Projects range from helpful community projects such as developing and manufacturing toys for children with cerebral palsy to developing basic engine automobiles. The department allows selected MPTA students to enter a program that provides hands-on opportunities.

Sports Career Academy[edit]

The Sports Career Academy (SCA) focuses on exposing students to careers in the sports industry, specifically Sports Medicine. Additionally, sports-related themes are woven into academic classes to address students' interests.

Lambda Delta Rho[edit]

Lambda Delta Rho is an honor society developed within the Sports Careers Academy. This honor society promotes the principles of Leadership (Lambda), Discipline (Delta), and Respect (Rho) as the foundations for academic and personal success. Students may qualify for this honor society based on their academic performance each term, and may earn rewards as a result. To attain status in the honor society, students must earn a 2.5 GPA or higher and earn no F grades or Unsatisfactory marks in behavior. Within the honor society, there are 3 different levels. The lowest qualifying level is Rho status. A student may qualify for Rho status if they earn between a 2.5 GPA and a 2.99. The second level is Delta Status. A student may qualify as Delta for earning between 3.0 and a 3.49 GPA. The highest level is Lambda status. Students must earn a qualifying GPA of over 3.5 to achieve this level.


Many students on campus take a wide selection of collegiate-level courses.


Laguna Creek High School is home of the Cardinals. They are part of the Delta Valley League conference. In the 2008-2009 football season, they became Delta Valley League Champions. They finished the season with 9 wins and 4 losses (9-4). Laguna Creek's cross town rivals are the Franklin High School Wildcats and the Elk Grove High School Thundering Herd.

Notable alumni[edit]


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