Miscanti Lake

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Miscanti Lake
Laguna Miscanti (Antofagasta, Chile) 03.jpg
Laguna Miscanti.
Location Antofagasta Region
Coordinates 23°44′S 67°47′W / 23.733°S 67.783°W / -23.733; -67.783Coordinates: 23°44′S 67°47′W / 23.733°S 67.783°W / -23.733; -67.783[1]
Catchment area 303 km2 (117 sq mi)[2]
Basin countries Chile
Surface area 13.4 km2 (5.2 sq mi)[2]
Surface elevation 4,120 m (13,520 ft)[2]
References [1][2]

Miscanti Lake (Spanish: Laguna Miscanti) is a brackish water lake located in the altiplano of the Antofagasta Region, in northern Chile. Miñiques volcano and Cerro Miscanti tower over this lake. This heart-shaped lake has a deep blue color. The western shoreline of the lake is separated by less than 1 km from the drainage divide between the lake and the Salar de Atacama basins.[2] Laguna Miscanti basin also has a common boundary with Salar de Talar basin.

A lava flow from an eruption of Miñiques separated Miscanti Lake from Miñiques Lake.[3]

The lake is part of one of the seven sectors of Los Flamencos National Reserve.

Panoramic View of Laguna Miscanti