Lagunen Storsenter

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Lagunen Storsenter
Lagunen Storsenter2.jpg
Main entrance
Location Fana, Bergen, Norway
Coordinates 60°17′45″N 5°19′45″E / 60.29583°N 5.32917°E / 60.29583; 5.32917Coordinates: 60°17′45″N 5°19′45″E / 60.29583°N 5.32917°E / 60.29583; 5.32917
Opening date 7 September 1985
Management Olav Thon Group
Architect Jan Olav Reither
No. of stores and services 135+
Total retail floor area 60,000 m²
No. of floors 2
Lagunen Storsenter

Lagunen Storsenter is one of the largest shopping centres in Norway, and was in 2002 the fifth largest in Scandinavia, with a turnover of 2,540 billion Norwegian kroner. It is located in the borough Fana in Bergen, Norway's second largest city. The shopping centre was opened in 1985.[1] It has more than 150 stores, on 60,000 m² of building space. Lagunen Storsenter is owned by Olav Thon and Nordås Industrier AS.


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