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Personal information
ParentsTiamat and Abzu (Akkadian)
Consortbrother Lahmu
ChildrenAnshar and Kishar

Lahamu (𒀭𒆷𒄩𒈬 , d la-ḫa-mu) was a minor figure in some variants of Mesopotamian cosmology, the feminine counterpart of Lahmu.

In some god lists she was one of the ancestors of Anu.[1][2] In Enuma Elish she is the first-born daughter of Tiamat and Abzu. With her brother Lahmu she is the mother of Anshar and Kishar, who were in turn parents of the first gods.[3]

19th and early 20th century researchers incorrectly viewed both Lahmu and Lahamu as the representations of the zodiac, parent-stars, or constellations.[4][5]


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