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Lahetaguse is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°11′17″N 22°05′16″E / 58.188055555556°N 22.087777777778°E / 58.188055555556; 22.087777777778Coordinates: 58°11′17″N 22°05′16″E / 58.188055555556°N 22.087777777778°E / 58.188055555556; 22.087777777778
Country Estonia
County Saare County
Municipality Salme Parish
Population (2011 Census[1])
 • Total 21

Lahetaguse is a village in Salme Parish, Saare County, Estonia, on the island of Saaremaa. It's located on the northern coast of Kaugatoma Bay (part of the Baltic Sea). As of 2011 Census, the settlement's population was 21.[1]

Lahetaguse was the location of Lahetaguse (German: Lahhentagge) kight manor. World famous navigator and explorer Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen (1778–1852), the discoverer of Antarctica, was born in Lahetaguse Manor. The manor was established in 1571. None of the buildings have survived.[2]


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