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Lahmuse manor
Lahmuse manor
Lahmuse is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°33′26″N 25°26′50″E / 58.55722°N 25.44722°E / 58.55722; 25.44722Coordinates: 58°33′26″N 25°26′50″E / 58.55722°N 25.44722°E / 58.55722; 25.44722
Country  Estonia
County Viljandimaa lipp.svg Viljandi County
Municipality Flag of Suure-Jaani.svg Suure-Jaani Parish

Lahmuse is a village in Suure-Jaani Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia.

Lahmuse manor[edit]

Lahmuse estate (German: Lachmes) dates from at least 1593, when it belonged to the Trojanowski family. It subsequently belonged to different local aristocrats until the land reform following Estonia's declaration of independence in 1919. The main building today houses the village school, while the preserved outbuildings are private property.

The main building dates from 1837-1838 and displays a style of neoclassicism that is typical for manor houses in the area from about the same time.[1]

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