Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Abbreviation LCCI
Formation 1923
Headquarters Lahore, Pakistan
Region served
Mr. Faisal Ali Rajpout

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) was established in 1923. It was established to serve and represent the interests of the business community in Lahore, Pakistan.


The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established by the businessmen and industrialists of Northern India in 1923 under the name of "Northern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry". In 1947 on creation of "The Islamic Republic of Pakistan", its name was changed to "West Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry". In 1960, the present name, "The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry", was adopted. Today, the chamber is the first ISO-Certified Chamber of Pakistan.

Aims and objectives[edit]

LCCI aims to represent its members and contribute to the nation's economic development through the promotion of trade and industry. LCCI acts as a bridge between the government and the business community. It plays an important role in policy formulation by maintaining a constant interaction with the relevant authorities.


LCCI is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It has two classes of membership, namely, Corporate and Associate. This Chamber has currently more than 18,000 members and LCCI claims to be the biggest chamber in Pakistan.


The organization's policies and programs are determined by the 30 members of Executive Committee who are elected by the members, out of which one-third retire every year and in their place, new members are inducted through election. The office bearers are elected by the members of the Executive Committee every year. The President controls the working of the office and staff and directs all matters of the Chamber, with the assistance of Senior Vice-President and Vice-President.(Faisal Ali Rajput)

Research and Development Department[edit]

In 1985, Research and Development Department was established at LCCI to act as the Think Tank and Advocacy Arm. The department is active to help business community is meeting their day to day need through providing updated information regarding business and economy and macro and micro business and economic policies of the government. The department is in contact with various government and international agencies in order to get consultation regarding important national and international policy matters which could affect directly or indirectly business, trade and industry.

Past Presidents[edit]

  • Ch. Nazer Muhammad (Late) 1967
  • Mian Rafique Saigol (Late) 1968
  • Mr. Naseer A.Sheikh (late) 1969
  • Mr. Majeed Mufti (Late) 1970
  • Ch. Muhammad Saeed (Late) 1971
  • Mian Tajammal Hussain 1972
  • Mr. Mumtaz A. Sheikh (Late) 1973
  • Mr. M. Amin Agha 1974
  • Mr. Abdullah Sheikh (Late) 1975
  • Mr. A. Aziz Zulfiqar 1976
  • Mr. M. Ijaz Butt 1977
  • Mr. Maqbool Sadiq 1978
  • Mr. Arshad Saeed 1979
  • Sheikh Iqbal (Late) 1980
  • Mr. Shahzada Alam Monnoo 1981
  • Mr. Abdul Qayyam (Late) 1982
  • Mr. Mohsin Raza Bukhari 1983
  • Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad 1984
  • Mr.Shahbaz Sharif 1985
  • Mr. Mohammad Arshad Naeem 1986
  • Mr. Mumtaz Hameed (Late) 1987
  • Mir Salah ud Din (Late) 1988
  • Mr. Tariq Hameed 1989
  • Mr. Iftikhar Ali Malik 1990
  • Mian Mohammad Ashraf 1991
  • Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad Sahaf 1992
  • Mr. Ishaq Dar 1993
  • Mr. Bashir Ahmed Buksh 1994
  • Mr. Tariq Sayeed Saigol 1995-96
  • Sheikh Waheed Ud Din (Late) 1997
  • Sheikh Saleem Ali 1998
  • Mr. Pervez Hanif 1999
  • Mr. Ilyas M. Chaudhry 2000
  • Sheikh M. Asif 2001
  • Dr. Khalid J. Chowdhry 2002
  • Muhammad Yawar Irfan Khan 2003
  • Mian Anjum Nasir 2004
  • Mian Misbah ur Rehman 2005
  • Mian Shafqat Ali 2006
  • Mr. Shahid Hassan Sheikh 2007
  • Mr.
  • Mr. Shahzad Ali Malik 2011
  • Mr. Irfan Qaiser Sheikh 2012
  • Mr. Farooq Iftikhar 2013
  • Engr.Sohail Lashari 2014
  • Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Mumtaz 2015
  • Mr. Faisal Ali Rajput 2016

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