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Lahore Music Meet (LMM) is an annual two-day event. LMM is primarily dedicated to celebration and critique of Music in Pakistan. LMM is intended to gather music enthusiasts, artists, people from music industry and academicians involved in music. Lahore Music Meet was founded by Natasha Noorani, Zahra Paracha, Noor Habib, Ayesha Haroon and Hasan Abbas.[1][2]

Lahore Music Meet 2015[edit]

LMM 2015 started on Saturday 4 April as a two-day event. LMM 2015 held at the Al Hamra Arts Council, Lahore. The two-day event included a panel discussions and storytelling sessions on various types and aspects of music with prominent names in the music business invited to engage with the audience, workshops through which aspiring musicians and interested individuals can learn from music educationists and mentors.

With panel discussions on classical music in modern age, music videos, metal music, narratives of resistance in music, women in music to workshops on sitar and tabla, music education to storytelling sessions with Faris Shafi, Ali Gul Pir, Hamid Ali Khan, Suraiya Multanikar, Rohail Hayat and Shahida Mini.[3][4][5]

LMM 2015 featured performances by following Pakistani singers/artists,

Lahore Music Meet 2016[edit]

LMM 2016 held on 2nd and 3 April 2016. LMM 2016 mainstage performances were by Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi, Mai Dhai, Sounds Of Kolachi and Red Blood Cat.

The event featured panel discussions, workshops and storytelling sessions conducted by Tina Sani, Meekal Hassan of Meekal Hassan Band, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza of Noori, Sikandar Mufti, Ahsan Bari, Mushtaq Soofi, Adnan Malik, Zoe Viccaji, Zohaib Kazi and Haroon.[6][7][8]

Day 1 (2nd April)[edit]

  • Band Noori, held a session named "Believing in Yourself". Band members Ali Noor, Ali Hamza and Kami Paul (Drummer) were keynote speakers. Mr Noor asked passionate musicians to join them for their new album. Session concluded a performance by the band, singing ‘Muje Roko’, also one of their classic singles.
  • Tina Sani had her session named "Classical Music Appreciation". Tina shared her journey in music. Tina Sani discussed the position of classical music in Pakistani music industry.
  • Arieb Azhar talked to the audience as well. His session named as "Proud to be Marasi". He discussed history of music in subcontinent.

Numerous other sessions/talks were held by following artists/singer,

  • Ali Sethi
  • Mina Malik
  • “The World of Percussion” by Sikander Mufti

Day 1 held performances by Mooroo, Shamoon Ismail, Umer Naru and Bayaan. The day one concluded with performances by Mai Dhai and the Red Blood Cat.[9]

Day 2 (3rd April)[edit]

Day 2 sessions.

  • ‘Have a look at the sound: evolution of music video in Pakistan’
  • ‘Scoring for the Big Screen: Soundtracks and Music in Pakistani Cinema’
  • 'Scoring For Manto' by Jamal Rahman
  • 'Composing from scratch' by Ahsan Bari
  • 'Spaces between Music'
  • ‘Audio-Visual Collectives in Pakistan’
  • ‘The Dissemination of Music in the Digital Age’
  • ‘Location our Heritage: Traditional Folk Music in Pakistan’[10]

Featured artists/singers/public figures

Day 2 ended with performance by folk singer Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi.[11]


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