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Institute of Design (Finnish: Muotoiluinstituutti or Lahden Muotoiluinstituutti) is a part of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, which is a large, multidisciplinary institution of higher education, located some 100 km north of the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The Degree Programmes in Design and Visual Communication base their education on the visual arts and humanities.

The history of the Lahti Institute of Design dates back to 1899, when an agricultural college was founded in Lahti. The establishment aimed at meeting the contemporary demands of educating young people with the necessary theoretical and practical skills in agriculture. What today’s Institute and the original school have in common is meeting demands.

Annually, the Institute educates some 600 students for the needs of business and industry, providing them with the necessary competence in developing and improving objects, messages and services for the changing needs of society. The education has a strong basis in the visual arts and humanities. Instruction is practical and hands-on. The education has a human-scale approach, combining usability and ergonomics with the Scandinavian Functionalist tradition.

Notable alumni[edit]

Lahti Institute of Design boasts a strong status in the Nordic design industry. The school has during its history educated many professionals in key positions around the world in such companies as Honda, Toyota, Apple, Marimekko, Nokia and H&M.

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