Laila Ghofran

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ليلى غفران
Laila Ghofran
Birth name Jamila Omar Bouamrout
Born (1961-03-19) March 19, 1961 (age 57)
Origin Morocco
Genres Arabic music, Pop
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1985 - present
Labels Alam El Phan

Jamila Omar Bouamrout (Arabic: جميلة بو عمرت‎), well known as Laila Ghofran, (alt Laila Ghofrane, Layla Ghofran) (Arabic: ليلى غفران‎) (born March 19, 1961) is a popular Arabic singer. She is originally from Morocco [1] and she holds the Egyptian citizenship.

Ghofran rose to stardom thanks to her strong, unique voice. She started her singing career in the mid eighties and her songs received lots of success. She's called the "Sultana of Tarab".


Ghofran's career began in the 1980s but really picked up between 1988 and 1998, elevating her to the status of Arab diva, in part due to the work of her husband and manager Ibrahim Aakad.[2] She released her first album “Oyounak Amari” in 1989. She broke through with the song “Bahibak, Bahibak” in 1992.

Ghofran found her way to audiences with her very successful remakes of songs of the legendary Egyptian singer Abdelhalim Hafez in 1996. Her performances of “Gabbar”, “Kamel El Awsaf” and “Hobbak Nar” remain widely appreciated.

Her greatest hits include “Law Hata Hayerfodny El Alam”, “Bahibak, Bahibak”, “Es’alou Eddourouf”, “Asahelhalak”, "El Garh Men Naseebi" among others.

Personal life[edit]

Ghofran has been married six times and is the mother of two daughters.

Her daughter, Hiba, was murdered in 2008 along with her friend. In June 2010, Mahmoud Essawy was sentence to death for the double-murder case.[3]


Studio albums[edit]

  1. Oyounak Amary (1989)
  2. Ya Farha Helly (1990)
  3. Ana Asfa (1991)
  4. Esaalo El Zorouf (1992)
  5. Kol Shea Momken (1993)
  6. Haza Ekhtiary (1994)
  7. Jabar (1996)
  8. Malameh (1997)
  9. Saat Al Zaman (1999)
  10. Ahow Da El Kalam (2003)
  11. Aktar Min Ay Waqt (2005)
  12. El Garh Men Naseebi (2009)
  13. Ahlamy (2013)

Compilation albums[edit]

  1. Laila Ghofran (1990)

Non-album singles[edit]

  1. El Youm El Awel (1982)
  2. Raseef Omory (unknown date)
  3. Ya Beladi (1994)
  4. El Helm El Arabi (1996)
  5. Ya Rab (2000)
  6. Ya Hager (2001)
  7. Min Hena Wa Rayeh (2006)
  8. Heya Di Masr (2009)
  9. Qades Arwahom (2011)
  10. El Shabab Da (2011)
  11. Berahmetak Aweny (2011)
  12. Tahet El Hakayek (2013)
  13. Bilad El Aman (2015)
  14. Enta Maykhtlefsh Aleek Etneen (2016)
  15. Aiz Te'ol Haga (2016)
  16. Jabni El Gharam (2018)


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