Laila Peak (Haramosh Valley)

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Laila Peak
Laila Peak (Haramosh Valley).jpg
Laila Peak photographed from Camp II on Spantik
Highest point
Elevation6,985 m (22,917 ft)
Prominence1,361 metres (4,465 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Pakistan
Coordinates35°57′20.93″N 74°56′44.66″E / 35.9558139°N 74.9457389°E / 35.9558139; 74.9457389Coordinates: 35°57′20.93″N 74°56′44.66″E / 35.9558139°N 74.9457389°E / 35.9558139; 74.9457389[1]
Laila Peak is located in Pakistan
Laila Peak
Laila Peak
Parent rangeKarakoram, Haramosh Valley
First ascent1979, Hekiryou Alpine Club, Japan

Laila Peak in the Haramosh Valley, (near Chogurunma Glacier) is 6,985 metres (22,917 ft) high. It was first climbed by the Hekiryou Alpine Club of Japan on 9 August 1975.[2]

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