Laila Peak (Rupal Valley)

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Laila Peak
Northern Areas 39b.jpg
Laila Peak (left) and the upper Rupal Glacier
Highest point
Elevation 5,971 m (19,590 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Pakistan
Coordinates 35°06′23.83″N 74°27′46.38″E / 35.1066194°N 74.4628833°E / 35.1066194; 74.4628833Coordinates: 35°06′23.83″N 74°27′46.38″E / 35.1066194°N 74.4628833°E / 35.1066194; 74.4628833
Laila Peak is located in Pakistan
Laila Peak
Laila Peak
Parent range Himalayas, Rupal Valley

Laila Peak is a major prominence at the southwestern terminus of the Rupal Valley in Pakistan. The peak soars 5,971 metres (19,590 ft) above sea level and some 7,500 feet above the Rupal Valley floor. To its north lies the Rupal Glacier and to its east lies 5,642m Rupal Peak. To the north of the Rupal Glacier stands the Nanga Parbat massif, one of largest in the world. Nanga Parbat itself soars 8,126 m (26,660 ft) above sea level. About its flanks stand numerous notable peaks including Rakhiot Peak, Chongra Peak, Shaigiri and Mazeno Peak.

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  1. Coordinates located using maps in Pakistan Trekking Guide, by Isobel and Ben Shaw, printed 1993.

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