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The Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church is formed of Baptist Christians among the Lai people of northeast India. Baptistry in the region originated with missionary work in the early 20th century, and the present church results from the merger of two Baptist churches in 1999. The church is a member of the Baptist World Alliance and the North East India Christian Council. Most of its pastors are trained at institutions recognised by Serampore College. It provides medical, social, educational and disaster relief services.


The work of the Baptist Missionary Society of England in the 20th Century was the beginning of Christianity in the Lairam (Lai Land), India. BMS missionaries such as Rev. J.H Lorrain and Rev. F.W Savidge were the pioneers who evangelized the Lai. Since then, the Lai Baptists continue to grow until they were established and organized into a body called ‘Assembly’ (Convention) in two stages: 1970 and 1982.

The Lai Baptists were formed into two groups, growing in parallel. The first group was called ‘The Church Of Jesus Christ’ and the second group called ‘Lairam Baptist Church’. The two groups merged in 1999. The united Lai Baptist Body was called ‘The Lairam Church of Jesus Christ’ without bearing any ‘Baptist’ name. However, since they are of Baptist origin, they are always baptistic in confession and practice.

At the annual Assembly of 2003 at Lawngtlai Electric Local Church it was unanimously resolved to rename the Church as "Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church" (Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Kohhran).


Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church is an Assembly (or what may be called ‘Convention’), which is organized into 11 Pastorate circles. Thirty three theologically trained men and women and 126 six men and women are employed as regular paid workers in the Church. The Church trains her workers especially those entering into Pastoral Ministry almost exclusively in the seminaries/colleges formally recognized by the Senate of Serampore College (University).

Ecumenical affiliation[edit]

Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church is a full-fledge member of Baptist World Alliance, the North East India Christian Council with its headquarters at Shillong, Meghalaya.

Fellowship Department[edit]

Fellowship departments such as Women Baptist Fellowship, Youth Baptist Fellowship and Children Baptist Fellowship functions under the department of General Committee of the Church. The fellowship bodies operate on their own budgets with particular emphasis on certain projects. The fellowships support the ministry of the Church as directed by the Church by contributing money for mission and developmental project of the Church.

Social Mission[edit]

Social Mission is one of the functional departments in the Social Ministry of the Church under a separate registered body called "Lairam Social Mission". It has registration under the Foreign Contribution Registration Act, Government of India.

Institutions created[edit]

The Church has started two institutions - ‘Lairam Christian Medical Centre (LCMC)’ and ‘Lairam Motherless Home (Orphanage)’.

Lairam Christian Medical Centre (LCMC)[edit]

LCMC was started in 2000 for providing low priced medicines to the people. It opened as outdoor clinic by employing a doctor, and arranges mobile clinics to provide medication to those who cannot get to a hospital.

Lairam Motherless Home (Orphanage)[edit]

An Orphanage home called ‘Lairam Motherless Home (Orphanage)’ was started in 2000. LHM Orphanage is the only institution of its kind in Lai District.

Mount Gerazim Academy[edit]

The Church started a comprehensive school in 2003 called ‘Mount Gerazim Academy’ to enable the more disadvantaged children to receive education. At present, about 80 children are enrolled in the school.

Special Mission is also concerned with the problems of drugs and aids by initiating a project called ‘Drugs & Aids Cell'. It provides relief and rehabilitation to those affected by natural calamities.

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