Laiya Beach

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Laiya Beach
Laiya Beach
RegionSouthern Luzon
MunicipalitySan Juan, Batangas

Laiya Beach, located in Laiya-Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas, is a popular beach destination in the Philippines.[1] Due to the beach's white sands, clear waters, and proximity to the country's capital, Manila, it has become one of the most famous and most visited beaches in the country, particularly for those from the National Capital Region.[2]

The Beach[edit]

Laiya has white sand beaches and clear waters, and as such is frequently compared to Boracay,[3] which is the country's top beach choice for local tourists, celebrities, and foreign tourists alike. Weathering-formed crushed shells and corals make up both beaches' white sands,[4][5] with Boracay's being noticeably finer and whiter. Laiya is one of the beaches that have gained popularity recently[when?]; thus, there are not as many luxury resorts and activities in the area as compared to other beaches in the country. It is within driving distance (from two to six hours depending on traffic) from the city of Manila.

Laiya-Aplaya residents[edit]

Aside from tourism, the locals in the area also make a living from fishing.[citation needed] Fishing boats are frequently seen with banana boats and jet skis along the shores. While most fishing villages elsewhere in the country would sell the catch to the market or a middleman, most of the catch of the fisherfolks in the area are sold directly to resorts in Laiya. Vendors are also frequently seen roaming in the beaches, selling souvenir items such as bracelets and butterfly knives or balisong in local language. The province of Batangas is known for making the country's finest balisong knives.[6]


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