Laizhou Bay

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Laizhou Bay
Coordinates 37°28′N 119°26′E / 37.47°N 119.43°E / 37.47; 119.43Coordinates: 37°28′N 119°26′E / 37.47°N 119.43°E / 37.47; 119.43
Type Bay
River sources Yellow River
Ocean/sea sources Pacific Ocean
Basin countries United States
Surface area 7,000 km2 (2,700 sq mi)

Laizhou Bay (simplified Chinese: 莱州湾; traditional Chinese: 萊州灣; pinyin: Láizhōu Wān) is the southern arm of the Bohai Sea (also known as the Bohai Gulf, or just Bo Hai), which is a large relatively shallow extension of Korea Bay (Northern Yellow Sea) behind the Liaodong Peninsula to the north, and the Shandong Peninsula to the south. Both peninsulas are roughly triangular in shape and point towards the Bohai Strait, the mouth opening out to the Yellow Sea via the southern region of Korea Bay.


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