Lajos Berán

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Lajos Berán: Saint Stephen of Hungary on the 5 pengő coin 1938

Lajos Berán (1882–1943 in Budapest) was a Hungarian sculptor and artist noted for his medal work.

Along with Fülöp Ö. Beck and Ede Telcs Lajos Berán was one of the Hungarian artists who popularized medal art.[1] He was noted for his characteristic engravings on the reverse of many medals, particularly related to sports medals. In 1932 he became the art director of the State Mint, and thus designed numerous coins of Hungary.

Notable coins include his 1915 96-mm cast bronze War Medal and 1925 reverse depiction on Ignác Alpár (81mm) and the 1932 Endre Liber reverse, a 72-mm struck bronze. All three are currently on display at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest.