Lake Chervonoye

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Lake Chervonoye
Чырвонае возера
Coordinates52°24′N 27°57′E / 52.4°N 27.95°E / 52.4; 27.95Coordinates: 52°24′N 27°57′E / 52.4°N 27.95°E / 52.4; 27.95
Lake typeFreshwater
Primary outflowsZhitkovichskij, Oziornij
Catchment area353 km2 (136 sq mi)[1]
Basin countriesBelarus
Surface area40.8 km2 (15.8 sq mi)[2]
Average depth0.7 m (2.3 ft)[2]
Max. depth2.9 m (9.5 ft)[2]
Water volume0.04 km3 (0.0096 cu mi)[1]
Shore length130.8 km (19.1 mi)[1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Lake Chervonoye (Belarusian: Чырвонае возера, pronounced [tʂɨrˈvonaje ˈvozʲera]; Russian: Червоное озеро) is a large freshwater lake in the Zhytkavichy Raion, Gomel Oblast of Belarus. Located at around 52°24′N 27°57′E / 52.4°N 27.95°E / 52.4; 27.95, it has an area of 40.8 km2 (15.8 sq mi) and a maximum depth of about 2.9 m (9.5 ft).[2]

The lake is used for fishery and is the third largest lake in Belarus.[2]


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