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A lake-burst (Old Irish: lochthomadmand[1]) is a phenomenon referred to in Irish mythology, in which a previously non-existent lake comes into being, often when a grave is being dug.

List of lake-bursts[edit]

Partholón's time[2][edit]

  • Loch Laighlinne in Ui mac Uais of Breg
  • Loch Cuan and Loch Rudraige in Ulaid
  • Loch Dechet and Loch Mese and Loch Con in Connachta
  • Loch Echtra in Airgialla

Nemed's time[3][edit]

  • Loch Annind (Annind's grave)
  • Loch Cal in Ui Niallain
  • Loch Munremair in Luigne
  • Loch Dairbrech


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