Lake Agnes (Alberta)

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Lake Agnes
Lake Agnes AB.jpg
Location Banff National Park, Alberta
Coordinates 51°24′53″N 116°14′50″W / 51.41472°N 116.24722°W / 51.41472; -116.24722Coordinates: 51°24′53″N 116°14′50″W / 51.41472°N 116.24722°W / 51.41472; -116.24722
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 0.52 km2 (0.20 sq mi)

Lake Agnes is a small mountain lake in the Banff National Park of Alberta, Canada.

It has a surface of 0.52 km² and is located approximately 3.5 km (one-way) hiking distance from Lake Louise. A teahouse is situated along the eastern shore at an elevation of 2134 metres (7002 ft). A hiking trail continues down the northern shore, making a 180° turn before ascending to the Big Beehive. Just before the trail starts the arc, a scrambling route up Mount Niblock can be found.

The Little Beehive can be ascended to the east of Lake Agnes. At the top, there are excellent views of the Continental Divide. The Lake Agnes Tea House is situation on the eastern shores of the lake.