Lake Agnes (Alberta)

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Lake Agnes
Lake Agnes AB.jpg
Location Banff National Park, Alberta
Coordinates 51°24′53″N 116°14′50″W / 51.41472°N 116.24722°W / 51.41472; -116.24722Coordinates: 51°24′53″N 116°14′50″W / 51.41472°N 116.24722°W / 51.41472; -116.24722
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 0.52 km2 (0.20 sq mi)

Lake Agnes is a small mountain lake in the Banff National Park of Alberta, Canada.

It has a surface of 0.52 km² and is located approximately 3.5 km[1] (one-way) hiking distance from Lake Louise. A teahouse is situated along the eastern shore at an elevation of 2134 metres[2] (7002 ft). A hiking trail continues down the northern shore, making a 180° turn before ascending to the Big Beehive[3]. Just before the trail starts the arc, a scrambling route up Mount Niblock can be found.

The Little Beehive can be ascended to the east of Lake Agnes[4]. At the top, there are excellent views of the Continental Divide. The Lake Agnes Tea House is situation on the eastern shores of the lake[5].