Lake Akkeshi

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Coordinates: 43°03′N 144°54′E / 43.050°N 144.900°E / 43.050; 144.900

Lake Akkeshi

Akkeshi-ko (厚岸湖) is a brackish lake near Akkeshi in Hokkaidō, Japan. The wetlands of Lake Akkeshi and Bekanbeushi Marsh (別寒辺牛湿原) have been designated a Ramsar Site.


Lake Akkeshi, 11m deep at its deepest point, is fed by the Bekanbeushi River (別寒辺牛川) and adjoins Akkeshi Bay. It is surrounded by salt marsh, fens, and bogs.[1][2]


Since the lake does not freeze, whooper swans and ducks winter there. The white-tailed eagle and Steller's sea eagle also visit.[3] There is a 381ha Japanese crane sanctuary.[4]

Sustainable use[edit]

Fishing and the aquaculture of oysters and clams occur in the lake.[4]

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