Lake Aroarotamahine

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Lake Aroarotamahine
Green Lake
Coordinates 37°17′0″S 176°16′2″E / 37.28333°S 176.26722°E / -37.28333; 176.26722Coordinates: 37°17′0″S 176°16′2″E / 37.28333°S 176.26722°E / -37.28333; 176.26722
Basin countries New Zealand
Surface area 10.5 hectares (26 acres)

Lake Aroarotamahine, also known as Green Lake, is one of two small crater lakes on Mayor Island / Tuhua in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Its outlet is a wetland leading to the smaller Lake Te Paritu or Black lake.[1]

The lake has a green colour due to algae. According to Māori legend, the green is the blood of Pounamu (greenstone) which fought a battle with Tuhua (obsidian), and, defeated, fled to the South Island.[2]


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