Lake Ayakum

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Ayake Kumuhu Lake, Ayakum Lake
River Deltas, Lake Ayakum, Tibet.JPG
Astronaut photograph highlighting two river deltas formed along Lake Ayakum's south-western shoreline
Location Xinjiang
Coordinates 37°33′N 89°23′E / 37.550°N 89.383°E / 37.550; 89.383Coordinates: 37°33′N 89°23′E / 37.550°N 89.383°E / 37.550; 89.383

Ayakum Lake is a lake near the northern boundary of the Tibetan Plateau, to the southeast of the Kunlun Mountains.[1] While many of the small glacier and snowmelt-fed streams on the Plateau give rise to major South-east Asian rivers (including the Mekong and Yangtze), some empty into saline lakes such as Lake Ayakum.[1]