Lake Barrington (Tasmania)

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Lake Barrington
Lake Barrington racing.jpg
Dragonboating on Lake Barrington
Location Northern Tasmania
Coordinates 41°22′S 146°13′E / 41.367°S 146.217°E / -41.367; 146.217Coordinates: 41°22′S 146°13′E / 41.367°S 146.217°E / -41.367; 146.217
Type Reservoir
Primary inflows Forth River
Primary outflows Forth River
Basin countries Australia
Built 1969
Max. length 20 kilometres (12 mi)

Lake Barrington is an artificial lake in northern Tasmania, located 40 kilometres (25 mi) south of Devonport. The lake is 20 kilometres (12 mi) long and was built on the Forth River in 1969 to provide a head of water for the Devils Gate Power Station. The foreshore is protected by the Tasmanian Government as a nature recreation area.[1]

Recreation activities[edit]


Lake Barrington is the site of a world-standard rowing course. It hosted the 1990 World Rowing Championships and several Australian Rowing Championships, and hosts the annual Tasmanian schools Head of the River rowing regatta.

Lake Barrington hosted the Australian Championships in 1984 [2] 1987,[3] 1987, 1990 [4][5] 1994, 1997, 2003, 2006, and 2009.

Water skiing[edit]

The lake is a popular water ski location with access via West Kentish and Wilmot. There are two water ski clubs based at Lake Barrington: Kentish Aquatic Club and Horsehead Water Ski Club.

Other activities[edit]

The lake is also used for canoeing and trout fishing. There is an adventure playground and a two-hour rainforest walk. Facilities for visitors include picnic sites, boat ramps and toilets.

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