Lake Bled

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Lake Bled
Lake Bled from the Mountain.jpg
Lake Bled seen from Little Osojnica Hill
Location Julian Alps
Coordinates 46°21′52″N 14°05′41″E / 46.36444°N 14.09472°E / 46.36444; 14.09472Coordinates: 46°21′52″N 14°05′41″E / 46.36444°N 14.09472°E / 46.36444; 14.09472
Basin countries Slovenia
Max. length 2,120 m (6,960 ft)
Max. width 1,380 m (4,530 ft)
Surface area 1.45 km2 (0.56 sq mi)
Max. depth 29.5 m (97 ft)
Surface elevation 475 m (1,558 ft)
Islands Bled Island
Settlements Bled

Lake Bled (Slovene: Blejsko jezero; German: Bleder See, Veldeser See) is a lake in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled. The area is a popular tourist destination. The lake is 35 km (22 mi) from Ljubljana International Airport and 55 km (34 mi) from the capital city, Ljubljana.

Geography and history[edit]

The lake is of mixed glacial and tectonic origins. It is 2,120 m (6,960 ft) long and 1,380 m (4,530 ft) wide, with a maximum depth of 29.5 m (97 ft). The lake is situated in a picturesque environment, surrounded by mountains and forests. The medieval-era Bled Castle stands above the lake on the north shore. The Zaka Valley lies at the west end of the lake.

Bled Island[edit]

Bled Island
Lake Bled and island at twilight

The lake surrounds Bled Island (Blejski otok). The island has several buildings, the main one being the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary (Cerkev Marijinega vnebovzetja), built in its current form near the end of the 17th century, and decorated with remains of Gothic frescos from around 1470 in the presbyterium and rich Baroque equipment.[1] The church has a 52 m (171 ft) tower and there is a Baroque stairway from 1655 with 98 stone steps leading up to the building. The church is frequently visited and weddings are held there regularly. Traditionally it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the steps on the day of their wedding before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church.


The lake is well known among rowers because it offers very good conditions for the sport; it hosted the World Rowing Championships in 1966, 1979, 1989 and 2011.



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