Lake Chad (Antarctica)

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Lake Chad
Location Taylor Valley, Victoria Land
Coordinates 77°39′S 162°46′E / 77.650°S 162.767°E / -77.650; 162.767Coordinates: 77°39′S 162°46′E / 77.650°S 162.767°E / -77.650; 162.767
Primary inflows House Stream (2.5 km [1.6 mi])
McKay Creek (0.5 km [0.31 mi]),
Wharton Stream
Primary outflows overflow into Lake Hoare
Basin countries (Antarctica)
Max. length 1.06 km (0.66 mi)
Max. width 0.23 km (0.14 mi)
Surface area 0.15 km2 (0.058 sq mi)
Max. depth 5.5 m (18 ft)

Lake Chad is a small lake lying east of the mouth of Suess Glacier in the Taylor Valley of Victoria Land. It was charted by the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910–13, under Robert Falcon Scott, and named by them after the brand of toilet paper they used following getting sick from drinking the water.[1]

Lake Chad is only about 5 metres (16 ft) southwest of Lake Hoare.