Lake Chagan

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Lake Chagan
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Coordinates 49°56′7″N 79°0′30″E / 49.93528°N 79.00833°E / 49.93528; 79.00833Coordinates: 49°56′7″N 79°0′30″E / 49.93528°N 79.00833°E / 49.93528; 79.00833
Basin countries Kazakhstan
Water volume 100,000 m3 (81 acre⋅ft)[citation needed]

Lake Chagan (or Lake Balapan), Kazakhstan, is a lake created by the Chagan nuclear test fired on January 15, 1965, part of the Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy; it is often referred to as "Atomic Lake".

The lake's water comes from the Chagan River (tributary of Irtysh River). The crater lake's volume is approximately 100,000 m3 (81 acre⋅ft)[citation needed]. To the south, the rim of the crater holds back the waters of a second reservoir.


In Netflix's Documentary Dark Tourist Season 1 Episode 4 "The Stans" David Farrier Visits Lake Chagan on his tour of Kazakhstan. He even swims in the lake.

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