Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia

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Lake Charlotte
Lake Charlotte.jpg
Lake Charlotte is located in Nova Scotia
Lake Charlotte
Lake Charlotte
Lake Charlotte in Nova Scotia
Location Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Coordinates 44°46′03″N 62°57′05″W / 44.76750°N 62.95139°W / 44.76750; -62.95139Coordinates: 44°46′03″N 62°57′05″W / 44.76750°N 62.95139°W / 44.76750; -62.95139
Type Glacial Lake
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 15 km (9.3 mi)
Max. width 2 km (1.2 mi)
Max. depth 48 m (157 ft)
Surface elevation 6 m (20 ft)
Islands many small islands around the midpoint of the lake
Settlements Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia, Upper Lakeville, Nova Scotia

Lake Charlotte is a lake and a rural and cottage community on the Eastern Shore of the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada. The community is located on the junction of Trunk 7 and Clam Harbour Beach Road, 58.23 kilometers from Downtown Halifax .

Lake Charlotte, for which the community is named, is a relatively deep lake by Nova Scotian standards. Reaching a maximum depth of 48 meters in the deepest point,[1] and with many areas of the north half featuring depths in excess of 20 meters, it is deeper than Kejimkujik Lake, Nova Scotia's largest natural lake, and Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia's second largest lake. The lake is popular with recreational boaters, as well, during the summer months.



  • Total Population - 821
  • Total Dwellings - 389
  • Total Businesses - 15
  • Total Land Area - 108.259 km²


There is a 750 hectares (1,900 acres) provincial park reserve at Lake Charlotte that offers backcountry hiking and camping, carry-in and boat launch potential and winter recreation. It was acquired by the Province of Nova Scotia in the mid-1970s as part of its commitment to establish an Eastern Shore Seaside Park System.[2]

There is also a Memory Lane Heritage Village Museum in Lake Charlotte.