Lake Choclococha

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Location Huancavelica Region
Coordinates 13°10′0″S 75°4′0″W / 13.16667°S 75.06667°W / -13.16667; -75.06667Coordinates: 13°10′0″S 75°4′0″W / 13.16667°S 75.06667°W / -13.16667; -75.06667
Basin countries Peru
Surface elevation 4,521 m (14,833 ft)
Country Peru
Dam and spillways
Height 12 m (39 ft)
Length 280 m (920 ft)
Total capacity 17,000,000 m3 (14,000 acre·ft)

Choclococha (possibly from Quechua chuqllu corncob, qucha lake,[1] "corncob lake") is a large lake in the Huancavelica Region of Peru. It is situated in the Castrovirreyna Province, Santa Ana District and in the Huaytará Province, Pilpichaca District. Choclococha lies east of a lake named Orcococha and north of Caracocha.[2]

The Choclococha dam was completed in 1960. It is 280 m (920 ft) long and 12 m (13 yd) tall. The reservoir has a volume of 66,000 m3 (54 acre·ft) and a capacity of 17,000,000 m3 (14,000 acre·ft).[3]

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