Lake Dora (Tasmania)

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Lake Dora
Location Western Tasmania
Coordinates 41°57′S 145°39′E / 41.950°S 145.650°E / -41.950; 145.650Coordinates: 41°57′S 145°39′E / 41.950°S 145.650°E / -41.950; 145.650
Basin countries Australia

Lake Dora is a lake and also short-lived mining area of the late 1890s located in the West Coast Range of Western Tasmania. It has a surface level at 756m.

It has two adjacent tarns just west of it, Maxfield and Michael Tarns, and numerous unnamed smaller lakes and water features.[1]

The nearest named features are Walford Peak (1009m) north west (approximately 1 km) and Farquhar Lookout (935m) (3 km) south west. It is 7 km north north west of Eldon Peak

Located east of the Mount Tyndall area, it was the site of a transient gold-mining rush in the late 1890s. Lake Dora is not generally accessible by road, but only via trails or by helicopter.

It lies north of Lake Spicer - into which it drains.

Charles Whitham wrote of the mining rush:[2][3] Lake Dora, Royal Dora, Lady Dora, North Dora, and, of course Dora Reward. The Government put in a good track from Mount Read, with a telephone line (1897).

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