Lake Elton

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Lake Elton
Берег Эльтон с высоты птичьего полёта.jpg
The shores of Lake Elton
LocationVolgograd Oblast
Coordinates49°8′0″N 46°40′0″E / 49.13333°N 46.66667°E / 49.13333; 46.66667Coordinates: 49°8′0″N 46°40′0″E / 49.13333°N 46.66667°E / 49.13333; 46.66667
Typesalt lake
Basin countriesRussia
Surface area150 km2 (58 sq mi)
Max. depth0.6 m (2 ft 0 in)
Lake Elton, as seen from space

Lake Elton (Russian: Эльтон) is a salt lake in Volgograd Oblast, Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan. It has an area of 152 km² and is from 0.5 to 0.7 m deep.


A bus ride can be taken from Volgograd (6 hours mostly because of long stops in rural towns) and also by train from Saratov and Astrakhan (also 6 hours) can lead travelers to the area.


Salt was excavated from Elton beginning in the early eighteenth century.[1] Before 1865 the government was the excavate and in 1865–1882 the lake was heavily used by private businesses.

Image of the surface of the lake showing salt deposites

There is a spa resort near the lake since 1910 and a sanatorium since 1945. Rapa (salty water) from Elton is believed to help curing diseases of different cause, for example gynaecological problems.

Elton Ultra Trail Run[edit]

Elton Ultra Trail is one of the most severe Russian races. There are two distances of 38 km and 100 miles. It was first organised in 2014.


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