Lake Eupen

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Eupen Lake
Dam of the Vesdre
Location Wallonia
Coordinates 50°37′00″N 06°05′32″E / 50.61667°N 6.09222°E / 50.61667; 6.09222Coordinates: 50°37′00″N 06°05′32″E / 50.61667°N 6.09222°E / 50.61667; 6.09222
Type artificial lake
Primary inflows Vesdre, Getz
Primary outflows Vesdre
Catchment area 105.95 km2 (40.91 sq mi)
Basin countries Belgium
Max. length 3 km (1.9 mi)
Max. width 0.3 km (0.19 mi)
Surface area 1.26 km2 (0.49 sq mi)
Water volume 25×10^6 m3 (20,000 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 360 m (1,180 ft)
Islands 0
Settlements Eupen

Lake Eupen is an artificial lake near Eupen in eastern Belgium, not far from High Fens. The lake is created by a dam which was built on the river Vesdre in 1938 but inaugurated only in 1950[1] by Prince Charles of Belgium. The area has a German-speaking population who refer to the river Vesdre as Weser, but which is distinct from the Weser river in North Germany.


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