Lake Five (Michigan)

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Lake Five
Lake Five.jpg
Location Kalkaska County, Michigan, United States
Coordinates 44°45′53″N 85°03′37″W / 44.76472°N 85.06028°W / 44.76472; -85.06028Coordinates: 44°45′53″N 85°03′37″W / 44.76472°N 85.06028°W / 44.76472; -85.06028
Basin countries United States
Max. length 0.26 miles (0.4 km)
Max. width 0.17 miles (0.3 km)
Surface area 17 acres (0.1 km2)
Surface elevation 1,188 feet (362.1 m)[1]
Frozen Seasonally
Islands None

Lake Five is a private fresh water lake in Kalkaska County, Michigan, United States.

Lake Five has abundant water fauna including largemouth bass, bluegill, perch, painted turtle and snapping turtle. Lake Five also has abundant land fauna including black bear, white-tailed deer, garter snake, midland brown snake (Storeria dekayi wrightorum), red fox, beaver and wild turkey.

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