Lake George, New Brunswick

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Lake George
Lake George New Brunswick.jpg
LocationNew Brunswick, Canada
Coordinates45°49′49″N 67°04′47″W / 45.8302°N 67.0797°W / 45.8302; -67.0797Coordinates: 45°49′49″N 67°04′47″W / 45.8302°N 67.0797°W / 45.8302; -67.0797
Basin countriesCanada
Surface area6 km2 (2.3 sq mi)
Max. depth7 m (23 ft)

Lake George is a Canadian rural community in York County, New Brunswick at the intersection of Route 635 and the northern terminus of Route 636. The community is named after Lake George.

Located 45 kilometres west of the city of Fredericton, the community derives its name from the lake of the same name Lake George.

Although Lake George has some year-round residents who live and work in the community or the nearby village of Harvey Station, its population increases substantially during the summer months when seasonal cottages are occupied.

Cemetery at Lake George


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