Lake George (Uganda)

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Lake George
Wfm lake edward lake george.jpg
Satellite photo of Lake Edward (left) and smaller Lake George (right) with the Kazinga Channel between them
Lake George is located in Uganda
Lake George
Lake George
Coordinates0°00′N 30°12′E / 0.000°N 30.200°E / 0.000; 30.200Coordinates: 0°00′N 30°12′E / 0.000°N 30.200°E / 0.000; 30.200
Primary outflowsKazinga Channel
Basin countriesUganda
Surface area250 square kilometres (97 sq mi)
Designated4 March 1988
Reference no.394[1]

Lake George or Lake Dweru is a lake in Uganda. It covers a total surface area of 250 square kilometres (97 sq mi) and is a part of Africa's Great Lakes system, although not itself considered one of the Great Lakes. Like the other lakes in the region, it was named after a member of the British royal family, in this case Prince George, later to become King George V of the United Kingdom. Lake George drains to the southwest into Lake Edward through the Kazinga Channel.

Explorer Henry M. Stanley was the first European to see the lake in 1875, after following the course of the Katonga river from Lake Victoria during his trans-African expedition. Thinking it was part of Lake Albert, he named it Beatrice Gulf.[2] Exploration plans were aborted due to the threat of conflict with the kingdom of Bunyoro. On his second visit to the area, in 1888 during the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, Stanley also discovered Lake Edward, and realizing that there were two independent lakes, gave Lake George its current name.

Rivers and lakes of Uganda. George is the relatively small lake directly northeast of Lake Edward


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