Lake Hammar

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Lake Hammar
Coordinates30°46′0″N 47°3′0″E / 30.76667°N 47.05000°E / 30.76667; 47.05000Coordinates: 30°46′0″N 47°3′0″E / 30.76667°N 47.05000°E / 30.76667; 47.05000
Typesaline lake
Basin countriesIraq
Surface area600–1,350 km2 (230–520 sq mi)
Max. depth1.8 m (5.9 ft) (winter)
3.0 m (9.8 ft) (spring)

Lake Hammar (Arabic: هور الحمّار‎, Hawr al-Ḥammār) is a saline lake in southeastern part of Iraq within the Hammar Marshes.[1] It has an area of 600-1,350 km². Water level in the lake fluctuates, with maximum depths varying from 1.8 metres (winter) to 3.0 metres (spring). The lake is an important wetland site for birds.[2] The native inhabitants are Marsh Arabs, some of whom occupy villages on artificial, floating islands.

Hammar Lacus, a feature on Titan, the moon of Saturn, is named after Hammar Lake.[3]