Lake Hazar

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Lake Hazar
Lake Hazar and Mount Hazar Baba.jpg
Mount Hazar Baba rises above Lake Hazar, Elazig, Turkey
LocationTaurus Mountains
Coordinates38°29′N 39°25′E / 38.483°N 39.417°E / 38.483; 39.417Coordinates: 38°29′N 39°25′E / 38.483°N 39.417°E / 38.483; 39.417
Lake typeRift Lake
Primary outflowsTigris
Basin countriesTurkey
Max. length22 km (14 mi)
Max. width6 km (3.7 mi)

Lake Hazar (Turkish: Hazar Gölü, Armenian: Ծովք լիճ, Covk‘ lič), is a rift lake in the Taurus Mountains, 22 km southeast of Elazig, notable as the source of the Tigris. It was formerly known as Lake Geoljuk.

Sunken city[edit]

Scientists found 4,000-year-old archaeological traces of a city below the lake. The city has been submerged in Lake Hazar, since 1830. Turkey wants to register its historic 'Sunken City' in eastern Anatolia to the UNESCO World Heritage list.[1]

Ebubakar Irmak, Mayor of Sivrice said he dive into the lake last year and saw the remains of churches, walls of a castle, pots, pottery and glazed plates of the citadel with traces of the Seljuk, Byzantine and Ottoman era.[2][3]


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