Lake Issyk

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Issyk Lake
Lake Issyk in July 2010
Coordinates 43°15′11″N 77°29′05″E / 43.2531°N 77.4847°E / 43.2531; 77.4847Coordinates: 43°15′11″N 77°29′05″E / 43.2531°N 77.4847°E / 43.2531; 77.4847
Basin countries Kazakhstan

The Lake Issyk also known as Issyk Lake (Kazakh: Есік көлі) is a lake in Kazakhstan fed by the Issyk River. It should not be confused with the Issyk-Kul Lake in neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

The lake is mostly famous for the way it was created (as a result of an ancient natural landslide damming a valley), destroyed (another natural landslide destroying that dam in 1963, with a subsequent flood damaging the city of Esik), and re-created (with human help).

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