Lake Joseph

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Lake Joseph
Joseph Rosseau 79.66W 45.19N.png
Lake Joseph to the west (left) of Lake Rosseau
Lake Joseph is located in Ontario
Lake Joseph
Lake Joseph
Coordinates45°11′N 79°43′W / 45.183°N 79.717°W / 45.183; -79.717Coordinates: 45°11′N 79°43′W / 45.183°N 79.717°W / 45.183; -79.717
Surface elevation227 m (745 ft)[1]
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Lake Joseph is located in Seguin Township, Ontario. The lake is surrounded by many cottages. Lake Joseph is connected to Lake Rosseau through the narrows at Port Sandfield and the Joseph River.

Lake Front Resident Advocacy Group[edit]

There are many community groups based on Lake Joseph. The largest of these is the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA). The MLA was founded in 1894 to represent the interests of lakeshore residents on Lakes Rosseau, Joseph and Muskoka and many smaller surrounding lakes.

Marina at Gordon Bay.

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