Lake Kamyslybas

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Lake Kamyslybas
Lake Kamyslybas, Kazakhstan.png
Lake Kamyslybas, as seen from space.
Lake Kamyslybas is located in Kazakhstan
Lake Kamyslybas
Lake Kamyslybas
LocationQyzylorda Province
Coordinates46°11′59″N 61°47′58″E / 46.199722°N 61.799444°E / 46.199722; 61.799444Coordinates: 46°11′59″N 61°47′58″E / 46.199722°N 61.799444°E / 46.199722; 61.799444
Typesaline lake
Basin countriesKazakhstan
Surface area176 km2 (68 sq mi)

Lake Kamyslybas (Kazakh: Қамыстыбас, Qamystybas) is a large saltwater lake in the Qyzylorda Province, Kazakhstan. It has an area of 176 km², although the water level in the lake often fluctuates. It lies in the northern part of Syr Darya's delta, to which it is connected by a canal. Lake Kamyslybas is used as a fishery.