Lake Kereta

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Lake Kereta
Location Auckland Region, North Island
Coordinates 36°35′44″S 174°16′20″E / 36.5956°S 174.2722°E / -36.5956; 174.2722Coordinates: 36°35′44″S 174°16′20″E / 36.5956°S 174.2722°E / -36.5956; 174.2722
Basin countries New Zealand
Surface area 32 ha (79 acres)

Lake Kereta lies at the South Head peninsula of the Kaipara Harbour, in the Rodney District, along the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.[1] The surface area of the lake is about 32 ha with a maximum depth of 1.5m and water temperature of about 21.1°C.

It is a less than 250m wide and shallow lake which stretches a bit more than one kilometre in a north-westerly direction, there being no streams or rivers flowing into or out of it. It is primarily filled by underground water and also by losses of evaporation from the surface of the lake.[2]

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